My life has been shit lately. I say this not because people like when I say “shit” on the front page, but because it has truly been shit. It is well and truly shitty, and I would encourage those of you who do not normally read my journal to do precisely that to get the odd hint as to nature of this latest personal disease. (Here’s a hint: it’s not new.) However, through everything, I have pulled together a fair amount of content together for this update, so here we go with the big batch update. For starters, we’re moving the full text back to the front page.

Plenty of new fiction – there’s the potpourri of goodness that is Something Experimental, and then there’s the continuation of the saga of Apathy Grove with the latest episode of Perfect Echo. The latter has been really hard to write for a number of factors; the former just sort of started happening and didn’t stop happening until I was done. Odd duck, that one.

The BDotMs are finally caught up. And due to my own increasing inability to do it on my own, I’m making an announcement that I really shouldn’t – until next Monda, I’m taking suggestions on who should get the (ahem) honor of being the Badass or Dumbass of the month. Yes, I’m really inviting you to do that. Go ahead and send the mail, I’ll read it and consider what you’ve got for me. I’ll even consider it if I told you to screw off in the past. Go on, flood my Inbox.

Barely anyone uses it, but feel free to change that.