Time to move your blog from free blogging platforms like WordPress.com or Blogger.com? You will need web hosting for that, and preferably a good one.

I have been there, done that and I have found one finally that just provides everything I need. That’s Web Hosting Hub, if you couldn’t figure it out already. Let me sum up in this short post why I think they are one of the best on the small business / shared hosting market.

Ranked High Over the Board

You can check all over the internet what people think about WebHostingHub, and most of the times you will find very positive reviews. You can also check out their website, as that also features a lot of genuine customer reviews.

Need More than a Blog?

If you decide to venture into e-commerce, you get every support at Hub. They have a number of the open source shopping carts softwares ready for one-click installation. They can also set up an SSL certificate and secure connections to your web site. Need to accept online payments? No problem, Hub helps you with that too.

Not only that, but for all that I mentioned above, you get 24/7 support.¬†Believe me, when we talk about a mission critical web site, you want to be able to reach support all the time without waiting. It’s just a must!

The Buttleneck of Web Hosting: Reliability

All those fancy features don’t worth even a penny without good uptimes. You should aim for at least 99.9% uptime. That’s a¬†43 Minutes, 12 Seconds downtime over a period of a month. Unfortunately with most hosting companies that’s the best you can get. But 43 minutes is not bad at all if you ask me, considering that some of that happens at nighttime, so your visitors won’t notice it.

With Web Hosting Hub, I have not experienced any major downtime issue. I know they had a pretty big hacking accident years ago, but I think they have learned from that a lot and take security even more seriously.

Yeah, cPanel Baby!

cPanel is the easiest platform for the everyday webmaster to manage all aspects of a website. You can point and click and a lot of server tuning is done for you. 1-Click installations, add-on domains, security, traffic compression, it’s all at your fingertips with cPanel. I love it!


When you register an account with WebHostingHub.com, you will also get a free domain name. That’s a nice gesture, but I believe that starting from the second year, they will bill you for that too. So your decision if you take andvantage of it.

Oh, and it’s cheap!

So the bottom line is, I think we have a good bargain at hand here. Don’t hesitate if you are working on a website to give WebHostingHub a try!