Another four months. Glory that is. But at least this time there’s a bit more going up, and I didn’t have to force and sweat out most of what I put together for this update. Working and various personal dramas have taken their toll on my ability to do these things reliably, and it’s difficult […]

It was never a Testimony

If I didn’t say it in so many words, I think it was at least implied – that I would get my ass back into working order just as soon as I’d sorted out myself enough to get back to work. By all appearances, it’s taken me four months and thirteen days to return to […]

I Can’t Be This Unsturdy

My life has been shit lately. I say this not because people like when I say “shit” on the front page, but because it has truly been shit. It is well and truly shitty, and I would encourage those of you who do not normally read my journal to do precisely that to get the […]

There is something to be said

There’s something to be said about using someone else’s words in lieu of your own. Welcome to Electronic Transcendence Productions hosted by Green Geeks hosting, source of quality fiction, nonfiction, and random scribbles on paper since the year 2000. Be forewarned that this site contains material that may very well offend certain people, including those […]