Marketing Strategy for the Future

A few years ago, a marketing strategy for an online business was building a blog and making new content yourself. These blogs had relatively low social media integration. If someone did not want to spend time creating content, they couldn’t look at it, share it, or comment on it. This strategy was not a marketing strategy for the Web.

With technology, people have more ways to get a message out. They are able to make it appear and appear as if they are answering to a captive audience. This is a marketing strategy for the Web. The evolution of the web is making marketing simpler. The consumers today want marketing that makes them feel special, that gives them choices, and that shows them how to make a difference. It does not help the consumers to make a list of products and use artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning to choose which products to buy. Instead, consumers want companies to use data, technology, and human creativity.

Before the rise of the Web, companies would make commercials for television. These commercials would have print ads or posters promoting the products. It was more complex, complicated, and expensive to use TV or radio to communicate. But once the Web was developed, it changed the marketing strategy. If people did not understand the commercial, they could not buy the product. Now, consumers can learn about the products on the Web, watch videos, and listen to radio. Instead of having print ads, a company can upload a website to the search engines. Consumers can then read and learn about the products. Companies can post videos about their products and highlight their innovations. Once consumers visit the website and read about the product, they can buy it. The marketing strategy does not have to be complicated. Companies just have to do some research about their customers and provide them with choices.

Marketing Strategy for Virtual Reality

Companies are looking for new ways to reach the consumers. Companies are finding that new technology is coming out every week. If they are not looking, companies can miss new technology.

In the next five years, virtual reality and augmented reality will become big businesses. Customers do not want to make decisions based on products that look artificial and fake. Consumers want companies to use new technology to show them what products look like and how they work. If a customer does not understand how a product works, he cannot use it. Companies will have to spend money on research and development. They will have to build websites that work on virtual reality, augmented reality, or digital billboards. They will have to provide consumers with choices. Companies will be able to provide different types of products or services that they cannot do today. They will have to show customers how the products work.

The customers will have to answer questions about the products. They will have to talk about why they want to use a product. The consumers will have to share how they use the products with others. This marketing strategy helps consumers make smart choices and connect with people. They can choose a product and give feedback. This marketing strategy does not need salespeople or high-priced salespeople. The technology allows the consumer to interact with companies directly.

The consumers will have to interact directly with companies in order to use new technology. The companies will have to create new technologies to engage with the consumers. It does not make much sense for companies to spend money on public relations campaigns that are not effective. Companies that do this will lose out on new customers. Businesses will have to invest in research and development and they will have to spend money on human resources that use new technology.

Competing with Competitors

When companies are doing research, they will be able to learn how other companies are competing with them. Companies can learn from their competitors. This is an effective marketing strategy because it allows businesses to find new strategies and develop new products and services. The competitors can teach businesses how to build new products.

Businesses that are competing with other businesses have to be smart. Their goals have to match up. Their products and services have to be competitive. Their prices have to be competitive. Companies should have to compete against new technologies and products. Companies should compete for consumers and let them know that their products are competitive. Companies that compete with competitors can focus their resources on new technologies and products. Businesses will be competing for new customers and new sales. Competitors can teach companies about new technologies and products.

The consumers will not be the only competition companies face. Others will be trying to compete with the businesses. These companies have to compete for the same customers. Other businesses will do different things to connect with consumers. The consumers will have to choose between businesses that are selling different products and services.

Awesome Godaddy Black Friday Deals

A short post on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Take advantage of the best specials of the hosting industry!

About Godaddy

GoDaddy is a web hosting site and their web address is At this time, they are offering deals for web hosting starting at $3.50 per month. This hosting is a one plan fits all type of account which is built to fill the needs of different user.

That’s not all.

With the basic set up a client gets unlimited disk space per month, unlimited data transfer per month along with a free website builder, e-store builder, blogs, forums, hit counter, surveys, and polls. They have also added a user-friendly wizards for adding useful open source applications, which helps a user keep their site more feature-filled and interactive.

GoDaddy Black Friday Deals

Normally all customers will get a free domain with their web hosting package. On Black Friday they also give a 50% discount on everything. The best Godaddy Black Friday Deals are exclusive to a small number of sites.


Not bad.

If the client needs to host more domains under their account, they will be able to have this feature along with unlimited email accounts. Along with the basic package GoDaddy offers web analytics, site diagnostics tools, FTP access, support for Microsoft FrontPage extensions, e-commerce tools, programming script supports which include PHP, CGI, MySQL, Python, and many others.

Also they have additions such as advertising credits and marketing tools such as RatePoint Feedback Service and HubSport’s Web Site Grader. If these are not enough services, they also offer a number of services that clients can add-on at anytime to help with their site.

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Customer Service

GoDaddy customer’s reliability is one of the better currently available since GoDaddy offers multi-gigabit connections on a load-balanced platform with data loss protection provided by server backups performed daily. The power is uninterrupted since they have a backup generator system along with data center facilities and all system hardware and software monitored 24/7.

GoDaddy hosting also has a toll-free telephone support along with live web chat support service and email service for every client. All of these features come with the basic package along with a 30-day money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with their service.

So don’t forget to take advantage of the best of Black Friday and Cyber Monday this season.

What Types of WordPress Hosting Plans Does iPage Offer?

When you need to choose a new host for your WordPress blog, you have a specialized situation which calls for a specialized plan to answer your needs.

To that end, you are going to want to go with a host which offers a plan that caters specifically to WordPress bloggers. I was reading an iPage review the other day and as it so happens, iPage offers two such plans for your convenience.

WP Starter

This plan starts out at the introductory rate of $3.75 per month. This is not a bad rate at all; there are hosting companies that charge more than that as the starting rate for their basic general-purpose plans, and even more for their WordPress hosting plans.

The Basics Included

The WP Starter plan at iPage includes core hosting, a customized control panel, and pre-installed themes and plugins for your blog. The customized control panel allows you to access the controls you use most right on your dashboard. Pre-installed plugins include W3 Total Cache, Jetpack, and more. You get the standard level of customer support.


After the introductory rate expires, you will have to pay significantly more to retain your plan, but you can get discounts if you are willing to pay for 12 or 24 months at a time. The Starter plan costs $10.49 per month after the introductory rate expires. You can get that down to $9.49 per month by purchasing a year at a time. Buy two years at a time, and you will pay only $8.49 per month.

WP Essential

The WP Essential plan is an enhanced version of the Starter plan. The introductory rate has you paying $6.95 per month. After the introductory period expires, the monthly rate jumps up to $12.49 monthly. If you buy a year or more at a time, you can reduce the price. The lowest rate is the three-year rate of $10.49 per month. Note that this is the same rate as the monthly term for the Starter plan.

Better Value

So if you are paying monthly on the Starter plan, you may want to consider an upgrade to the Essential plan. If you try out the service and you love it, and you have no reason to believe you won’t be using it in three years, you may as well get a better value.

The Extras

What does the extra expense or commitment for the Essential plan buy you? You get the same features which were included in the Starter plan, but you add to that enhanced security and super speed. You also get better support, since you get access to iPage’s team of WP experts, instead of just the general support staff. That means if you have a question which only an expert can answer, you can get the help you need right away.

Special Features

These are the special features included with the WP plans on iPage. But as with the other types of plans on iPage, you also get an abundance of other features. These include:

  • Free domain registration (note that if you get this through a monthly account and cancel it, you need to pay a
  • $15 fee to keep the domain)
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • A money-back guarantee to protect your purchase
  • Free advertising credits from Google, Yahoo, and Bing

If you read an iPage review focused on WP, you will find that many WordPress users are very happy with both the Starter and Essential plans. So if you are looking for a new host, consider giving iPage a try.

You’ll have an easy time importing your existing blog or starting from scratch, and all at a very reasonable price!


Another four months. Glory that is. But at least this time there’s a bit more going up, and I didn’t have to force and sweat out most of what I put together for this update. Working and various personal dramas have taken their toll on my ability to do these things reliably, and it’s difficult getting accustomed to working outside of an environment that one’s been accustomed to for very long. But I’m sure most of you are largely interested in what damn things I’ve pulled out of my ass for this update, so let’s get down to brass tacks about that.

Starting off superficially once again, the avatar has changed (and this one should stick around for a while, since I’m a lot more pleased with it), and the Staff and Links pages have undergone the overhaul that I long ago promised. In addition, the main page has been shuffled around to be cleaner (obviously), and the Fiction section has undergone a fair bit of pruning, revision, and general fine-tuning, such as changing the location of Gunhazard and other book-keeping modifications. The change in e-mail address is slowly percolating through the site – although I will continue to receive mail at the address for the forseeable future, I’m making the switch wholesale. Update address books or whatever.

Oh, yeah, and we’re greener. That’s been around for a while, but what the hell, I wanted to say it. I like green.

Two more BDotMs have narrowed the gap down to “just” five months. I’m hoping to put together another large update in two weeks, so that’ll hopefully narrow even further before November rolls around. Hey, maybe I’ll even be on-schedule by the time 2005 rolls around. Anyway, the first didn’t come off as well as I’d hoped, but the second is all the things that have ever made the column work. Enjoy.

This episode of Perfect Echo is one that I promise fans have been waiting for a very, very long time – as well as doing a whole lot of things that I don’t think people are expecting, and setting up the course of the remainder of the series. Reconnecting with it has been difficult, to say the least, but I’m not anxious about this one like I was the last one – which might be a good or a bad thing. At least one person I know has been waiting for a resolution that’s addressed in here, and I suspect a lot of you were similarly impatient. However, despite the rumors, I must announce that there is no Tabitha striptease scene. I know, I’m as disappointed as you all are, but I don’t make the rules. Exactly.

For the second half of this month, all of you who’d been reading my journal or talking to me had a question in the back of your minds – “What is Project NESS?” For those of you who do neither, then you missed hearing me talk about it in shadowy terms and discuss my whipcrack pace with it, or make shrewd innuendos about the content. All that’s been known thus far is the fact that NESS is a fictional project in prose. But now, the questions that have so long been asked can be revealed. I won’t even make you sidetrack to the Fiction section, although you’re likely headed there anyway (and therefore this link will be irrelevant). So go on, find out what Project NESS really is.

As I mentioned, I hope to get another big update up this month, with more Perfect Echo, more BDotMs, and just maybe the premiere of on20x. Will it happen? I don’t know, but I’m more hopeful about it than I have been in the past. Let’s ee if I can’t make things work better this time around.

Have you Heard About Web Hosting Hub?

Time to move your blog from free blogging platforms like or You will need web hosting for that, and preferably a good one.

I have been there, done that and I have found one finally that just provides everything I need. That’s Web Hosting Hub, if you couldn’t figure it out already. Let me sum up in this short post why I think they are one of the best on the small business / shared hosting market.

Ranked High Over the Board

You can check all over the internet what people think about WebHostingHub, and most of the times you will find very positive reviews. You can also check out their website, as that also features a lot of genuine customer reviews.

Need More than a Blog?

If you decide to venture into e-commerce, you get every support at Hub. They have a number of the open source shopping carts softwares ready for one-click installation. They can also set up an SSL certificate and secure connections to your web site. Need to accept online payments? No problem, Hub helps you with that too.

Not only that, but for all that I mentioned above, you get 24/7 support. Believe me, when we talk about a mission critical web site, you want to be able to reach support all the time without waiting. It’s just a must!

The Buttleneck of Web Hosting: Reliability

All those fancy features don’t worth even a penny without good uptimes. You should aim for at least 99.9% uptime. That’s a 43 Minutes, 12 Seconds downtime over a period of a month. Unfortunately with most hosting companies that’s the best you can get. But 43 minutes is not bad at all if you ask me, considering that some of that happens at nighttime, so your visitors won’t notice it.

With Web Hosting Hub, I have not experienced any major downtime issue. I know they had a pretty big hacking accident years ago, but I think they have learned from that a lot and take security even more seriously.

Yeah, cPanel Baby!

cPanel is the easiest platform for the everyday webmaster to manage all aspects of a website. You can point and click and a lot of server tuning is done for you. 1-Click installations, add-on domains, security, traffic compression, it’s all at your fingertips with cPanel. I love it!


When you register an account with, you will also get a free domain name. That’s a nice gesture, but I believe that starting from the second year, they will bill you for that too. So your decision if you take andvantage of it.

Oh, and it’s cheap!

So the bottom line is, I think we have a good bargain at hand here. Don’t hesitate if you are working on a website to give WebHostingHub a try!

It was never a Testimony

If I didn’t say it in so many words, I think it was at least implied – that I would get my ass back into working order just as soon as I’d sorted out myself enough to get back to work. By all appearances, it’s taken me four months and thirteen days to return to what I would consider standard working order. Not the best that I could have done, and there were certainly some embarassing slips in the middle, but it’s time to get back to whatever in the world this page as an aggregate is supposed to be. (My personal favorite version was always “Eliot transferred into digital form,” but that’s kind of arrogant – especially since if there’s nothing to draw people here than me, I would say that the site’s all shades of screwed.)

The most superficial part of the whole ensemble is the fact that the current avatar has changed – which is not noteworthy, really, but I say it for the purpose of completeness – and that the fiction section has undergone some major logo renovations. Really. on20’s logos look crisper and better than ever, Perfect Echo has rolled out a minor logo shift (which is actually something that I’d planned from the beginning), while Neon Epoch Evangelion and Battle Helix have both received completely new and quite lovely new designs. I’m especially fond of NEE’s new one, for doing something that I ought to have done the first time through. So before you address the content, please, enjoy the new eye candy.

Oh, yes, and there’s a whole bunch of general reorganization and what-not that’s floated all around the main section – the About page has gone through an overhaul, and the Staff and Links page are due for next update. Take it in, if you’re interested.

Then we have two new, healthy, pretty much run-of-the-mill BDotMs. Yes, I know, I still have a three-month backlog to work through. It’ll get done, but as we all know that falls behind on my priority schedule pretty easily. But I’ll probably try and get my arse in gear with it fairly soon, seeing as how I’d like to be done with this bloody backlog sooner rather than later. There’s not much interesting to say about the columns themselves, so I’ll let them speak for themselves, as they generally do anyway.

Perfect Echo. Yes. I feel anxious about this episode, to say the least, because I know that it’s coming at the end of a long pause and will therefore be scrutinized to pieces – and so what I feel is a somewhat weak episode anyway turns into something that I’m terrified will be savagely torn apart by my readers, whom I credit with having an extremely analytical mind and the ability to spot my own inconsistencies. However, I will say that it does resolve the cliffhanger, creates a new one, and advances the plot in leaps and bounds, so the slight weaknesses in it might be overlooked by virtue of the plot hammering along like a runaway freight train. And, what the hell, I’ll promise that the next one will be much better. I have no idea if I can keep that promise, but I’m feeling adventurous.

Are we going to get another several months of silence here? Not if I can help it. I can’t say that we’ll be back to the old rapid-fire style of updates of yore… to be honest, I can’t say for certain if we’ll ever get back there. But for the time being, I’m back to work, and I’ve got a whole lot of projects – the BDotM, Perfect Echo, on20x, Neon Epoch Evangelion: Absolution, Battle Helix, and some other ones that I can’t reveal just yet – to keep me focused. Thanks for sticking with me through the drought, and I hope it’ll turn out to have been worth the wait.

Aw, look, I’m getting all teary-eyed now.

I Can’t Be This Unsturdy

My life has been shit lately. I say this not because people like when I say “shit” on the front page, but because it has truly been shit. It is well and truly shitty, and I would encourage those of you who do not normally read my journal to do precisely that to get the odd hint as to nature of this latest personal disease. (Here’s a hint: it’s not new.) However, through everything, I have pulled together a fair amount of content together for this update, so here we go with the big batch update. For starters, we’re moving the full text back to the front page.

Plenty of new fiction – there’s the potpourri of goodness that is Something Experimental, and then there’s the continuation of the saga of Apathy Grove with the latest episode of Perfect Echo. The latter has been really hard to write for a number of factors; the former just sort of started happening and didn’t stop happening until I was done. Odd duck, that one.

The BDotMs are finally caught up. And due to my own increasing inability to do it on my own, I’m making an announcement that I really shouldn’t – until next Monda, I’m taking suggestions on who should get the (ahem) honor of being the Badass or Dumbass of the month. Yes, I’m really inviting you to do that. Go ahead and send the mail, I’ll read it and consider what you’ve got for me. I’ll even consider it if I told you to screw off in the past. Go on, flood my Inbox.

Barely anyone uses it, but feel free to change that.

There is something to be said

There’s something to be said about using someone else’s words in lieu of your own.

Welcome to Electronic Transcendence Productions hosted by Green Geeks hosting, source of quality fiction, nonfiction, and random scribbles on paper since the year 2000. Be forewarned that this site contains material that may very well offend certain people, including those with particularly thin skins. For those of you not scared away by this statement, congratulations, you’ve exhausted the amount of effort I’ll expend on protecting people from themselves. It’s not quite as nice as Jason Sartin’s page-opening misanthropic rant, but that’s there and I’m here.

Anyhow, this is just a root-level index.html file to take up space, nothing special. So get clicking and go somewhere else on the site, damn it.

Oh, yes, one more thing – this site was designed in 1280 x 1024 resolution, but it looks perfectly fine down at 800 x 600. It should even look fine down at 640 x 480. I don’t think they make resolutions any lower than that, so… yeah.